Momentum Project

MOMENTUM Project aims to give everyone an opportunity to participate in cultural life... 
Culture is to be a dynamic, challenging and independent force based on the freedom of expression. Creativity, diversity and artistic quality are to be integral parts of society’s development. 
Cultural projects are important bearers and vehicles of knowledge.  Diverse cultural expressions also provide new perspectives to generate new business opportunities to the brands involved. 
Spontaneous concerts in unusual places by composer and pianist AGENOR GARCIA, performing in artistically customized Steinway pianos, is the essence of MOMENTUM PROJECT.
The repertoire, which is created/composed live, makes for an unique experience during each event. 
"Penetrating the heart, soothing the soul, transforming the spirit..."
Our vision:
To transform the environment, culturally, emotionally and spiritually.
To become a social/cultural wakening that have no place boundaries, starting in USA, going to the world.
To position the cultural vision amongst the artist in partnership with sponsors and the audiences. 

AGENOR GARCIA - Contemporary Piano  
Agenor Garcia is a pianist who creates his own musical style. He is first and foremost an improviser, and greatly cherishes the surprise and wonder that can occur from a spontaneous musical idea that is expressed in real time. 
He recently released the album "AVIV", produced by GLEN KOLOTKIN, the Grammy Awarded record producer for Barbra Streisand, Glen Gould among others. The album delivers a delightful piano performance and compositions with an unique flavor.
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"Agenor is talented, creative and has a very refreshing approach regarding his music".
- Glen Kolotkin (Grammy Award producer)".
"Agenor Garcia has a gift for injecting subtle surprises into his compositions that will delight the attentive listener".
- Shaun Dale -
"Delicate pianism that makes full use of the internal resonance of the instrument".
- Editor's Comment - All About Jazz

2017 - Agenor Garcia released his new album "AVIV", recorded live at CTJ Hall - Brazil - produced by GLEN KOLOTKIN. 2014 - Agenor Garcia released the solo piano album named "SYMBIOSIS", produced by the GRAMMY AWARDED record producer GLEN KOLOTKIN. 2009 - "THE MUSIC OF AGENOR GARCIA" recorded live at STEINWAY & SONS GALLERY", produced by  TOM HARNEY.
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An Exciting Sponsorship Opportunity!
IT is a honor to invite your organization to be part of  MOMENTUM  PROJECTHaving the impact in the society, culturally, emotionally, and spiritually trough each performance. Piano concerts in unusual places, with no prior announcement will stimulate curiosity in the audiences and the press, being a good marketing strategy; also a well done film for internet, tv and   
media channels are couple of the results, among others.   We are happy to consider any sponsorship options including in-kind payments. To become a sponsor  please contact us at:  

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+1 786 768 3433